Morning in the Street

early morning 1

Yesterday, i  was exploring the street of Kathmandu in early morning with my camera. It was 5:30 am and i was near the vegetable market. The villagers near to Kathmandu were bringing Vegetables carrying on “Dhoko”( -traditional Nepalese basket to carry goods).

early morning2

I  was struck by  this scene. The road was  all covered with garbage.  On the far end, the woman was making tea on the road  and a man selling vegetable, next to garbage. i was curious about when would  the garbage collected.  so, i stayed there.

ealy morning4

early morning3

The customer waiting the bus. The customers were mainly vegetable retailers.

early morning6

a garbage collector dumped more on the road

early morning5

But i  was really shocked seeing a vendor selling apples on top of garbage.

early morning 9

early morning 8

The villagers returning  back to  their village.

early morning 7

finally the garbage  collection van arrived around 7:30 am, The  morning market was almost over for a day and i also returned home.

ealy morning4


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