Lakhe (demon) dance

Lakhe is a demon in Nepalese folklore, depicted with a ferocious face, protruding fangs and mane of red or black hair.
Lakhe confronts with other demons and protects the townspeople.
People believes that the spirit of demon resides in the mask. As they put on the mask, the demon spirit will take over the dancer’s body and dictates the body movement.


6 thoughts on “Lakhe (demon) dance

      1. I must try to visit Changu Narayan. A few years ago I got half way there and then there was an incident which prevented me from going up there from Bhaktapur. One day I’ll make it up with my camera.

  1. it is a great place to visit, Besides visiting Changu Narayan temple, You can sit down in the forest and feel the silence and enjoy the great view of the rice filed with Kathmandu city in the backdrop.

    1. I think I would love that. From my window here I can see the rice paddies and I love that rich, bright green. And I love to listen to silence. I am a real nature nut.

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