An old Heritage

an old building, turned into museum at Bhaktpur Darbar Square , Kathmandu Nepal. The square is in world heritage list.

10 thoughts on “An old Heritage

  1. Now WAIT A MINUTE!!! I’m doing some articles on Nepal and really interested in the lakes around the Dolpo region. Any chance you can get us in there with the pictures?

    1. Thank you for the comment but i regret that Dolpo region is far away from where i am based in and it takes days to reach there and i suggest you to search on creative commons.

      1. I understand. It’s so mysterious. from what I read, some of those regions are restricted to foreigners so I would have to find someone with a camera that lives there, who is posting images online.

      2. the place is so remote that i believe that only few places have internet facilities and talking about the people,they don’t have the reach of what we are using here. Their life is all focused on basic needs.
        The best option is this man Eric Valli who is wondering in this region for many years and i believe he has collections of photograph of the region.

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