My pose

a boy posing for the camera.

7 thoughts on “My pose

  1. yes it again from Bhaktpur . i am not that busy but trying to post one photo a day. i was failed before but i am determined this time. that’s all. and thanks for your comments

  2. it does not matter which camera you use and i believe it does not matter what composition you make, My rule is that be in the situation where i even forget to snap a beautiful moment. (lots of time i just come home enjoying what comes in front of me. ) Its about being happy, being positive.

    and best wishes for your photo shootouts.

    1. I rarely carry a camera with me Sada and sometimes that’s a big mistake. If I go down to the city, it is usually on the back of our motorbike so I can’t stop to take pictures. But sometimes we go to the Ason or Chhetrapati areas and I do carry my camera because there are so many things to capture.. Have you had breakfast ? It’s so early you are online.

      1. Yes, Ason and Chhetrapati is good place to shoot but i hate the crowd. Its too much…..

        I will have my breakfast soon. just finished my meditation session. i wake up at 4 am. its good to wake up early. and how about you? did you have your breakfast? and happy fathers day…..

      2. Yes I know what you mean about the crowds……… and the motorcycles pushing us around. I’m also an early riser but I don’t have a fixed time. Usually it’s about 4 am to 5:30 am. Yes I had my first breakfast two hours ago and it was tea and toast with bananas. But I’m still hungry so I will go to the kitchen now and have some toast and jam with a cup of tea. At 10 am to 10:30 am we will have dalbhat. Rasmi and Rekha make the best dalbhat in Nepal. Thanks for the father’s day greetings. I may drink some red wine this evening.

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